The Gauldrons Campbeltown Whisky 700ML

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The Gauldrons Campbeltown Whisky 700ML is a small batch blend of the finest Campbeltown Malts, bottled at 46.2% ABV without added colors or chill-filtration. Its name, "The Gauldrons," is a reference to the stormy coves on Campbeltown's west shores, known as the "Bay of Storms." This whisky pays homage to the rich history of the region, with references to King Robert the Bruce and the long lost distilleries that once thrived there. As a member of Douglas Laing's Remarkable Regional Malts collection, The Gauldrons offers a complex, maritime character with hints of sea air, smoke, honey, and dried seaweed on the nose. On the palate, flavors of sugary shortbread, oak, and cereals blend with a spicy finish of smoke, vanilla, and cinnamon. It's a true reflection of Campbeltown's proud whisky-making tradition.