Keys & Bricks Premium Japanese Vodka 720ML

$90.00 SGD
Tax included.

The Keys & Bricks Premium Japanese Vodka boasts a size of 720ML and an ABV of 40%. It revolutionizes the world of vodka with its rich Sake heritage, making it the first Kraft Vodka from Japan. Launched in 2015, this craft spirit combines traditional Japanese craftsmanship and premium natural resources for a unique and superior sipping experience. Distilled in Japan using premium sake rice and pure meltwater from the Fukui mountains, this unflavored rice-based vodka is renowned for its smooth texture and delicate taste. It has been recognized by the prestigious International Spirits Challenge and IWSC with silver and bronze awards in 2020, respectively. With a growing fan base in Japan, Hong Kong, and the United States, Keys and Bricks has finally made its way to Singapore and is now available in top premium establishments.