Rock Island 10YO Island Whisky 700ML

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Rock Island 10YO Island Whisky Size: 700ML ABV: 46% Rock Island 10 Years Old is a masterfully aged, Island “Vatted” Malt, proudly offered without coloring or chill-filtration. Bottled at 46% alcohol strength, Rock Island 10 Years Old blends together Single Malts from Islay, Arran, Orkney & Jura, resulting in a Whisky encompassing notes of sea salt, smoldering wood, subtle smoke, and zesty orange. View: Amber Nose: The aroma begins with a rich, buttery barley scent, then transitions to a shoreline of wet rocks with a hint of peat smoke and citrus. Taste: On the palate, a burst of beachy flavors - salty sea spray, black pepper, and damp ash. The finish is unending, with layers of smoldering wood, orange peel, and delicate spice.