Alfonso I Light Brandy 700ML

$35.00 SGD
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This brandy, known as Alfonso I Light Brandy 700ML, is made with carefully selected spirits from high-quality white wines. It is aged for 6 months in American oak casks using the traditional Sherry system of Soleras and Criaderas. With a medium to high strength, it is prepared with wine spirits that range from 77% to 94% Alc./Volaged. The final product has an alcohol content of 25% Alc./vol. It is classified as a spirit and has a sugar content of 9 g./l. This amber colored brandy is unique in character, thanks to the meticulous selection of grapes used and its extended aging process. Its flavor is well-balanced and its finish is fragrant. This versatile brandy is perfect for mixing into cocktails or enjoying neat or on the rocks.